The Martin Wong Foundation was founded in 2001 to fund and/or provide art programs consisting primarily of art scholarships, but also including art publications and children’s art education programs. College-level scholarship programs began in 2003, and funding levels have increased over time. The Foundation currently provides scholarships to students at Humboldt State University, San Francisco State University, Arizona State University and New York University.

Another important component of the Foundation’s activities is an active Art Education Program centered in New York. Since 2003, this program has been directed by the renowned artist, Lady Pink (Sandra Pink Fabara) of Pink Smith Designs. Fabara has created several major murals, working collaboratively with students from the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York. The Foundation encourages exhibitions of Martin Wong’s work and supports the celebration of Wong’s legacy through the placement of Wong’s work in museums across the country.

Board of Directors

Peter Broda
Doryun Chong
Bob Chu
Adrianna Fie
Gary Fie
Georgia Fie
Mark Johnson
Marci Kwon
Mimi LaPlant
Judy Moe
Mel Moe
Sylvia Moe
Maria Rode
Louise Siddons
Gary Ware

Founding Directors

Florence Wong Fie (2001-2017)
Michael Moe (2001-2017)