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The Art Education Program is a funding program for high school art students, coordinated by Sandra Pink Fabara. Working with students at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York, Fabara has completed several public murals as well as other projects.

In 2010, Fabara using funding from the Martin Wong Foundation as well as Project Sunshine Org., Community Anti-Crime, and Amtrak to work with students and alumni from the Frank Sinatra School as well as students from Iowa State and Columbia University on two murals, “Great American Art and Culture,” and “The Native People,” both in Queens.

In 2011, Fabara continued her work with students who created paintings for Project Sunshine, which coordinates the installation of student art in hospitals around the world. She also worked again with Immigration Advocacy/Community Anti-Crime to create a mural in Queens. The mural they created, “Welcome to Astoria,” is the largest they have ever created. As usual, the high school students were joined by other volunteers, including local artists, at-risk youth from other programs, and alumni of the Frank Sinatra School.