In order to apply for a Martin Wong Foundation Scholarship, you must be a student at one of the four universities with which we are affiliated. Moreover, each school may have specific guidelines for the application process that go above and beyond the Foundation guidelines listed here.

If you are eligible and interested in applying, please speak directly with your department in addition to reviewing the information provided here.

The Martin Wong Foundation scholarship competition was established to recognize and support excellence in ceramics and painting, the areas in which Martin Wong first pursued his interest in art, and later established his reputation. In 2017, the Foundation will continue to offer two scholarships in painting and two scholarships in ceramics at each partipating institution (note: at NYU, which does not have separate concentrations in ceramics or painting, the details of these awards differ slightly). The first prize in each medium will be in the amount of $1,500 and the second prize will be in the amount of $1,000. Since the scholarship is intended to support the continuation of a student’s education, we ask their enrollment in classes in the next fall semester be confirmed before awards are disbursed. Previous winners of Martin Wong Foundation Scholarships are ineligible for future awards. We will also continue the Honorable Mention recognition for each medium that was added to the Scholarship program in 2009. In the event matriculation cannot be confirmed for Scholarship winners, Honorable Mention recipients will serve as alternates for dollar awards.

All students must apply through their departments — individual submissions will not be considered. The Martin Wong Foundation only provides scholarships to students at San Francisco State University, Arizona State University, Humboldt State University, and New York University.

Deadline: All materials must be received from each school no later than April 21, 2017. Note that your department may set an earlier in-house deadline for students.

Only electronic submissions will be considered. Schools should contact us if they need assistance with submitting work electronically.

What We Need:
From students:
Submissions must include the following materials, presented together in a single Powerpoint or Keynote file:

Ten slides of work from applicant’s portfolio, including details (see below). Five of these images must be in the medium (ceramics or painting) in which category the student is applying. Students may include details of individual pieces, but at least eight (8) discrete works must be included in the application.

• Images must be labeled on each slide with title, date completed, medium, and dimensions.

• An artist statement no longer than 100 words should be included in the Powerpoint presentation.

• A brief statement of financial need (100 words) explaining how a Wong Foundation scholarship will help the student achieve their academic goals should be included in the Powerpoint presentation.

• A complete object list should be included in the Powerpoint presentation as a final slide.

Submission of an application constitutes permission for the Martin Wong Foundation to use images and other information provided for Foundation-related, non-commercial purposes, including representation on this website and in promotional materials. (No additional release form is necessary.)

From schools:
The initial selection process for applications is done by individual departments in the manner they prefer. Schools are to forward three (3)* candidates in each category (painting/2D and ceramics) to the Martin Wong Foundation for scholarship consideration. (*Note: NYU does not submit portfolios for individual categories, and thus should simply submit four (4) students for consideration by the Foundation.) Schools must rank the students according to academic merit. Final decisions about scholarship winners are made by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Scholarship winners will be selected by the Martin Wong Foundation Scholarship Committee based on a consideration of the strength of their portfolios, their financial need, and their school’s ranking of applicants. Scholarships will be awarded upon confirmation of Fall enrollment. If a winner does not enroll in the fall, then the recipient of the Honorable Mention will receive scholarship funds.

Please note that materials not meeting the above requirements will not be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for technical failures. Make sure your portfolio is viewable before you submit it. Announcement of the awards will occur by e-mail on or around May 15th, 2017; paper notification of winners may be provided upon request.

The Art Education Program is a funding program for high school art students, coordinated by Sandra Pink Fabara. Working with students at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens, New York, Fabara has completed several public murals as well as other projects.

In 2010, Fabara using funding from the Martin Wong Foundation as well as Project Sunshine Org., Community Anti-Crime, and Amtrak to work with students and alumni from the Frank Sinatra School as well as students from Iowa State and Columbia University on two murals, “Great American Art and Culture,” and “The Native People,” both in Queens.

In 2011, Fabara continued her work with students who created paintings for Project Sunshine, which coordinates the installation of student art in hospitals around the world. She also worked again with Immigration Advocacy/Community Anti-Crime to create a mural in Queens. The mural they created, “Welcome to Astoria,” is the largest they have ever created. As usual, the high school students were joined by other volunteers, including local artists, at-risk youth from other programs, and alumni of the Frank Sinatra School.